… when that site design is conceived with a strategic online marketing foundation tailored to increasing your business goals.  There is no better way for your web designers than to follow the essential design specs needed for each site development, and further the effectiveness of that site by infusing online marketing principles in its usability and functional design.  Similar to proper design elements positioned to target potential business, usage of proper marketing elements strategically positioned in a site can impact the results of your site and the effectiveness of your online marketing campagins.  Moreover, depending on the kind of results you are trying to generate, your call-to-action elements should be presently vivid and assertive.

Take the ever-popular “click here” method, for example.  While its usage was effective back when online marketing was still in infancy, this method does not share the same effectiveness in today’s market.  Generally speaking, a red “click here” button, positioned in the middle of a site calling for a user to download an application, will yield average results for your marketing initiatives, especially if that button is the only call-to-action element that is tied to market an action for that content.  The exposure of that entity will be limited as most users who aren’t familiar with your site and its contents may or may not even get to the middle of your site before heading out the door.

Comparatively, a red “download” button positioned at the top alongside an <h1> or another relevant header tag, followed by the content relevant to that download button, will yield higher metric results.  It creates a design flow that leads the user to naturally move from button and/or header to content, with call-to-action elements visibly infused along that path to entice the user to perform a targeted action.  The path to act on that targeted action should always start with the top of that design flow, since the 3-second rule applies to both design and online marketing.

The stronger your top level call-to-action elements are, the more enticing it is for your targeted audience to pursue more of what you have to say.  They will naturally follow the design and marketing flow you have created for them, which your optimized content will perform its task of converting leads and conversions based on your business strategies.

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