got a new site makeover, packed with new and awesome features that I am sure will help users and job seekers alike.  For the lowdown, here’s what changed.


Gone is the really funky header background that stood out and made the site fresh and really hip.  Instead, a more minimalistic dark gray color is showcased, and rightfully so, as it makes the logo and navigation stand out.  Cleaner and crisper, which is evident, if that was the goal of the change.

Color Scheme

With the gray scale in place, it makes colors stand out much more dramatically without using excessive colors to generate interest.  The white space is clearly evident between various elements on the sidebar, and does a good job on separation of the elements.


To my surprise, a deeper search parameter that features a job-based categorical heirarchy is a greater improvement to the existing job search method.  The functionality looks like it uses a jQuery-esque dropdown that is simple and easy to use, which makes the functionality coincide with usability and thus produces a better user engagement and results for the user.

What was kept from the recent design was the ability for users to check/uncheck for full-time, contract, freelance, or internship positions.  In checking these sub-parameters, they content results are dynamically repopulated based on the user’s request.

Job Search Category

I love that the dropdown actually shows the different categories that a user can pick up on instead of having to filter through the whole site.  I think that’s a new feature that I totally would want to emulate on a different level.

Job Search Location

The Location Map is a sweet addition that adds some much needed location functionality and usability, along with aesthetic appeal to job searches.  What is the best portion of that map is the ability to search telecommute jobs only in any job category you specify, which I think is pretty cool.

Job Search Bar

Nothing has changed dramatically per se with the exception of the color scheme on the bar.  I don’t recall the search bar being THAT big, but I’m sure there is a purpose to it.  Needless to say, it forces the reader to let them know that the bar is THERE for any searches, which is a good thing.


I have always loved their fonts, as it is modern and yet classic, and serves the site very well for its purpose.  The only caveat I have is that the paragraphs are too light in color, so harder to read with the white background in place.  Understandably that the lightened paragraph distinguishes the importances and hierarchy of the content, but it doesn’t make it readable.  From a functional perspective, they’ve achieved that distinction but usability is minimal.


I love the site, and I have always used them to check out freelance gigs that pertain to my skill set and expertise.  Despite the small nuances that can be fixed, I think they did an excellent work on the new design.



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