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Twitter Updates for 2010-12-08

What is this CRAP?? Why Religion Makes People Happy (HINT: Not God) by Yahoo! # ...

Coming Along Quite Nicely

So the "newer" format will  take into effect within the next month, and thankfully, things have been going quite nicely (so far).  I've already made...

It’s been a while…
Yeah, it's been a while. I know, I know... Blogging isn't going to get me anywhere when blogging isn't consistent. Well just to give you all an update on what has been happening to Zion Eye Media. Let's start with the blog. I've posted on my main page that the blog has been canned until further notice. This was because I was trying to resolve my pretty permalinks issue with my blog that ended up being botched more than I could take at a single fix. The "almost-pretty" permalinks that my blog used (which basically has "index.php" in the URL before the actual blog post title) was not the way I wanted to continue my blogging with, and unfortunately, my current host setup was not in the position to change and modify the "index.php" issue. Thus, my own intuitions and research mindset took over and started scouring around the web, particularly in the site, to find better solutions and fixes to help my case. Needless to say, only a handful of sites were able to offer something substantial that didn't produce too many side issues along the way. While these information did somewhat help, it didn't really help me do what I really wanted to do, which was to get rid of the index.php verbiage.
Should SMM be at the forefront of your marketing?

The continued rise of social mediums created more increased exposure for all brand sizes, small to large, to participate in an "equal" platform.  As more and more companies and brands get on the social media "craze," this playing field is a lot more than just your ordinary marketing avenue.  There are tremendous possibilities to gain by initiating in social media marketing (SMM).  While increased brand exposure and recognition is possibly the first and foremost for most businesses, there are other similar benefits that your company can experience that would help the growth and stability of your company.  These are in no particular order:

And the last shall go first
Being in marketing, I know specifically first-hand that when a company goes under, or when it is trying to cut costs, the marketing department is "usually" (and I say this loosely) the first of several departments to go first. I understand some of the reasons why, and I know that some of those reasons that I have gathered from my former employers and managers are that companies need to keep the workers that do between 65-80% of the work for said companies to stay afloat. That I definitely understand and do know that work has to be done to be able to generate as much positive ROI as possible. I also don't want to assume that ALL marketing employees will be let go during a company crisis. But let's take this reason to a whole new level, shall we?
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