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Downloading Safari Is A Safari In And Of Itself

Writing on the heels of my iOS7 review, I feel like I have to be on my toes all the time when it comes to writing about Apple and its products. I know a lot of you fanboys - some are my close friends and others whom I met online - and I know it's difficult for you to swallow that even Apple isn't perfect (can you say Map snafu anyone?). But as much as Apple is noted for its innovation and progressiveness, it is also [being] noted [by moi] for lacking some basic and common elements, where in this case it is noted in its web presence.

Take for example, finding a way to download Safari.

iOS7 Review: A Look at iOS7 After Launch
It's been several weeks now since iOS7 launched for the iPhone, and unlike many bloggers, I wanted to wait a little longer to really see and play with it before I write a review about it. More than just the features and superficial stuff that most would have written about after the launch (or even before it), I wanted to write about the deeper goodies issues that come with the new version. Some bloggers have already touched on the pros and cons, and I know that after more extensive use of the version, more will come in the future.
Basic Batman Drawing Using CSS and HTML

Lately, I have been toying around with the possibility of being able to use web development like CSS to draw cartoons, comic book heroes and...


I just recently discovered, a for-fun partnership type of site founded by's Rand Fishkin (way to go #Seattle) and Hubspot's Dharmesh Shah. I...

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