Batman Face using CSS and HTMLLately, I have been toying around with the possibility of being able to use web development like CSS to draw cartoons, comic book heroes and such. I’ve seen people do it before and I figured, why not give it a try? Can’t hurt, right?

So I signed up for and started working on a few designs that I thought I can do fairly easily. Granted, I’m not really using jsfiddle for javascript development, but figured it would be still be awesome to try out some neat comic book heroes with only using HTML and CSS. With lots of hard work (sort of) and a bit of an imagination, I came up with a basic Batman drawing of his face with CSS. Please note: I probably screwed up on a few bits of code here and there, as this is my first try on drawing, but I’m sure I will develop my skills properly – all in due time.

You can find the fiddle at

If you like it, please let me know! If you think I need some pointers, would love to hear some constructive feedback! I’m all about getting better at my craft!


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