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Brand Marketing Mistakes by Non-Profit Organizations
Non-profits sometimes get a bad rap. As someone who has worked in the non-profit sector, I’m very well aware of a few issues that non-profits face when it comes to running a business, particularly when it comes to branding themselves effectively. Sometimes, when it comes to branding themselves, money is in one way, shape or form, connected to the branding mistakes that non-profits make.
Redesigning Your Website Is Like Redecorating Your Home
I am a perfectionist. There, I said it. It's always difficult for me to accept that fact, and as much as I hate to admit getting that gene from both of my parents, sadly it is the truth. What's even more painful is trying to be perfect in everything that I do on my own website. Juggling full-time employment, freelance work, life, family and other passions end up screwing my ability to even do the slightest improvements and other fancy things I want to do on my site. Being a perfectionist can also screw up your sleeping habits.
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