I’ve had many a conversation with other designers, online marketers, and other people in the marketing world, and so far the concensus is that print designers will never be able to do web design because they do not have the knowledge to design web sites.  Generally, those who focus on graphic design for print lack the foundation to know server-side/client-side development, online marketing techniques, functionality, and other online techniques for effective web design and online marketing.  Even some web designers are not effective in their designs because they lack the marketing skills to conduct online marketing.  Most designers that I know of know are well-versed in functionality and design, but lack call-to-action elements and response methods, metric analysis, SEO/SEM, and other marketing (guerilla and otherwise) to assume a well-designed, fully-marketable website for a company or firm.

Do you have any thoughts on this subject?  Please feel free to comment.  I would love to know your opinions!

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