Marketing 101 For Musicians

Musicians can hustle to promote themselves like nobody's business. As a musician myself, I can definitely relate to the creativity and passion we often put...

Semalt Spam
Blocking Semalt Using .htaccess on WordPress

If you're running a website and you're looking into your analytics, you're bound to discover some fishy referral spam coming from Semalt. I don't really want to go...

Brand Marketing Mistakes by Non-Profit Organizations
Non-profits sometimes get a bad rap. As someone who has worked in the non-profit sector, I’m very well aware of a few issues that non-profits face when it comes to running a business, particularly when it comes to branding themselves effectively. Sometimes, when it comes to branding themselves, money is in one way, shape or form, connected to the branding mistakes that non-profits make.
5 Things Non-Profits Can Do To Deliver Big Business Results
Throughout my professional career, I've always worked full-time for one company and do freelance work on the side. That type of work schedule was an effort to make myself more well-rounded as a professional, and simultaneously get myself wet in other ventures that are of my passion. While my "full-time jobs" were in big business, primarily in the tech industry, a good portion of my freelance work happened to be in the non-profit business sector, where I literally dove in head first (and probably felt like I did it without swim trunks). I know that a big company environment can differ from that of a non-profit organization, but business philosophies aren't all that different.
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