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Best Political Website Design Part 2

We're so very close to the US elections that it's pretty hard not to think about it  -- or gripe, complain, or whatever you think...

Best Political Website Design Part 1

It's almost election time, and boy it is an election year to remember. Aside from all the hooplas about emails and walls, and whether or not...

Redesigning Your Website Is Like Redecorating Your Home
I am a perfectionist. There, I said it. It's always difficult for me to accept that fact, and as much as I hate to admit getting that gene from both of my parents, sadly it is the truth. What's even more painful is trying to be perfect in everything that I do on my own website. Juggling full-time employment, freelance work, life, family and other passions end up screwing my ability to even do the slightest improvements and other fancy things I want to do on my site. Being a perfectionist can also screw up your sleeping habits.
Zion Eye Media to become Responsive

Hello all, Just wanted to make a quick shout out that a newer, more responsive Zion Eye Media is underway! I've been very much inspired by...

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