I’m totally for change (not the Obama kind), and am by no means a stranger to change. But as things happen in life, there are times where change is very good, even in the midst of uncertainty. I’m never one to shy away from change, but I’m one of those cats who want to know why change is happening in my life, so that I can be better adaptable to the coming environment.

What’s the new change? Here are a few of the changes that are going to happen in the next several months.

Newer Zion Eye Media

Can I say I’m so much of a designer that I cannot be satisfied with my own work? I’m my own worst critic, and because I always want to improve, that improvement is going to be implemented on my site. So a new design along with new features are going to be implemented for Zion Eye Media. Stay tuned for that.

Renewed Focus

It’s hard to show off your skills and abilities on your own site when most of the time you’re working on someone else’s stuff. Posting blogs, for example, gets harder to write for your own blog when you’re writing posts for several other people. So a renewed focus for me is to put more time and effort into writing for my own blog. It’s not going to be easy, but change never is. Right?

Expanded Creativity

I started out Zion Eye Media as a flash designer, illustrator, and digital marketer in 2004. Since then, my creativity has expanded as technology and best practices evolved, and that has given me the opportunity to push the boundaries in my art and design. With changes happening in my site, changes are also in the way in some of the creative work being placed there. More art, more design, more things that I am passionate about doing.

These are definitely good news, and I cannot wait to show it off. Keep checking my site for more updates, and sign up for my newsletter to get updates on my blog.

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