I’ve been playing around with Google’s Chrome browser for a while, and have had some cool things that I liked and others that I’m still getting used to.  Nevertheless, here are my two cents on Chrome.

The Positives

First off, it seems very fast and responsive when conducting searches, and even saw some very tight functions on display responses when conducting these searches.  Automation on meta tag descriptions and keywords were, in my opinion, faster than Mozilla’s Firefox and IE 6 and 7 (I have not yet tested IE8, at least on the laptop I’m using LOL).

Second, the simplicity of the design felt like I never left Google; rather, it showed that the design’s “simple” features did not present itself to be the forefront representative of its browser capabilities, but rather accentuated the “speak softly but carry a big stick” mentality.

Third, I was surprised that it was able to upload most of my Firefox bookmarks on my laptop, and I was hoping to see Google being able to upload my Foxmarks account information based on the FF bookmarks.  While it was a good thing, sadly enough, there were limitations to the upload process and the final results yielded so-so marks.

The Negatives

In light of this event, to which Google is now supposedly trying to take over Microsoft’s browser market share, I played around Facebook with some good ol’ fashioned MobWars and found some interesting issues that came along while playing it.

I encountered errors after errors on attacking other mobs, and ultimately, I would have to use the back button or my backspace button to go back to the main MobWars home page.  I’ve seldom had this issue before, and it was not as often nor as frequent.  Other buttons to vamp up my mob were stalled with error messages and load time, which I felt like it was more of the server-side issues and not necessarily Chrome’s servers to begin with.  So I left that application to the home page and checked out some new pics, and it didn’t take long for my Facebook app to go haywire, stalling every other pic and sending me back to the home page.  Some of the notifications I have received were also hard to open, when it was working at a fairly normal rate in Firefox, which is usually fast.

My Yahoo email address was also screwy in performance when accessed through Chrome.  Yes, how ironic that Yahoo email is going to crash in a Google app LOL, yet mine hardly crashes at all.  If anything, it’s my hotmail account that kills me.

I also heard of other people who have used this open source browser, and found issues with JavaScript and Captchas.  And as I am writing to you at midnight, I am still thinking whether or not I should stay up a little more to see if any of my Google-based apps are having issues in Chrome.  But, since I have been sleeping at 2 every morning for the past couple of weeks, I think writing about testing other apps will be for another day.

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