As I sift through my plethora of social media feeds and apps, I can’t help but think of Google Reader and its relevancy in today’s marketing and business world. Personally, I use Google Reader to sign up and subscribe to feeds of websites that I want to follow. I also use Feedburner and Guy Kawasaki’s (you can find me at as my feed resources, but I tend to check out Alltop moreso than I do my Reader. I love the look, flexibility and ease of use on Alltop, and I can get a lot of sites’ feeds within Alltop off the bat without having to subscribe to individual websites.

So is Google Reader still relevant to feed readers? Maybe I should ask this: is Google Reader even relevant now to those who search for sources of inspiration? Did Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, and the thousands of other social networks taking more of your time?

Let me know your thoughts!

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