I just recently discovered Inbound.org, a for-fun partnership type of site founded by SEOMoz.org’s Rand Fishkin (way to go #Seattle) and Hubspot’s Dharmesh Shah. I don’t know how in the world I missed out on this but it is an awesome site dedicated to all things inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The World of Inbound Marketing, credit to Inbound.org

The World of Inbound Marketing, credit to Inbound.org

Taken verbatim from the site, “Inbound Marketing┬áis the process of earning the interest of visitors and customers rather than buying it. Unlike paid advertising, the cost of distribution of inbound marketing tends to zero since the visitors and customers share it instead because they believe it’s worth sharing. It’s earned attention.

I love that this site caters to the love and passion for inbound content to use in earning the interest of customers. As a marketer, not all of our methods have a true ROI-based goal, and in order to get our potential customers to even get their foot (or ours) into the door, we have to persuade them that whatever we offer is going to help better them. A lot of those times, those methods don’t have a direct ROI – until they start getting into the deeper sales funnels. Inbound marketing helps to generate that interest and attention of the customers.

This site provides lots of great content by some of the top content marketers around, and you’ll also find some of the up-and-coming content writers- and even the “beginners” so-to-speak – can quickly adapt into the content mesh being provided. It’s a great tool to see how content marketing and inbound marketing works from all levels of businesses, and how people share them not necessarily because of profit, but because it’s worth sharing for knowledge.

Kudos, Rand and Dharmesh!

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