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Logo Design for Non-Profit Dance Company
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About This Project

Sixth Day Dance Company needed a fresh look and feel for their business, one that fits their mission and vision. As a volunteer Director of Digital Marketing, I created a series of logo designs that I felt would match their current vision and future business. With their creative input, I designed different abstract and concrete versions of their logo and came up with one that exactly matches their current and long-term business.

The final non profit logo design uses the puzzle piece to create the centerpiece of the visual element. This element represents their target audience and symbolizes the types of dancers they are working with. The ballet shoes on the feet of the puzzle piece adds the finishing touch to the visual element.


Sixth Day Dance Company is a dance company based in Seattle, WA that enables the disability community to express their artistic creativity through dance. They combine able-bodied dancers with dancers from the disabled community in Seattle to create life-changing memories through the gift of dance.

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