Sixth Day Dance Company

Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, WordPress, Email Marketing

Project Description

Sixth Day Dance is a non-profit dance company that uses professional dance works to bridging the gap between typically abled and people with disabilities.

They wanted to generate more customers for their dance classes and be able to acquire more donors from their fundraising efforts. In order to make this happen, they needed a more polished and professional web presence as well as a marketing strategy that will help them achieve their business goals.

This project allowed the company to get a more professional web presence, better marketing and a better branding foundation for their business.

Project Details

Client: Sixth Day Dance
Date: 2015
Skills: Branding, Web Design, WordPress, Web Development, Email Marketing, Graphic Design

Old Design

In order to achieve their business and fundraising goals, the old design needed to be revised and redesigned. In addition to the user experience, there was a lack of quality content, engagement elements, and other marketing-focused features/tactics to help drive traffic.

Fresher Look and Feel

The newer design adds whitespace to the mix, provides ample ways of customer engagement, and lets users know who the company is with strong CTAs off the bat.

Email Marketing

To make their web presence more effective, they also needed a way to generate leads and retain existing customers. Using MailChimp, I helped them create email templates and automation to get them more customers.

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