Okay, so here it is, plain and simple: I’m pondering the joy of creating posts of your tweets. I say that sarcastically, of course, as I sit here and digest what in the world happened to my Twitter Tools plugin — my “former” choice of using a compilation of my daily tweets and using that as my blog posts (no seriously, I’m not THAT lazy)… When I said former, I mean that I’m having such an issue about it (read: hassle), that it’s just not worth to really keep up with the upkeep at this time.

It turns out that Twitter Tools is now using the Social Plugin, but after downloading the darn thing, I keep getting a Class ‘Social Log’ error on one of the php files that wouldn’t go away. Naturally, I would research such errors until I get the errors fixed. But seeing as this error coincides with the fact that I have a WP Super Cache plugin, that’s another issue that adds on to the conundrum.

So what does a guy to do?

Normally, I would research the heck out of this until resolved. Unfortunately, I sort of need the Super Cache plugin for my site (since I’ve already had my main page taken down by my hosting company due to caching and page load errors), which apparently, was my fault.

All this to say that I am disbanding my Twitter Tools integration until further notice. While I did enjoy getting my web design tweets and other personal stuff out there, it’s just not worth fixing at the moment when I have to deal with other things on my plate. My own personal Twitter Tools dilemma is not a major issue at the moment…

C’est la vie.

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