I just wanted to say that I am loving the new Apple design (can I even call it a “redesign?”). While I have always admired their modern minimalist look (see copycats like Gibson.com), I dig the sleeker, darker menu navigation in comparison to the old one, and it looks more glossier, it not shinier, than the previous. Menu hover elements are pretty sweet too, with a darker background contrast to the lighter font color.  Easy switch to make a design look fresher.

I’m not positive about this one, but it seems that the background gray has lightened up a bit too, and my have added some extra noise filter to boot (maybe just a tad?).

Let’s see what else has changed.  I do think that the logo maybe a bit different… Looks like it has been modified, seems that the slash part on the apple is now KAPUT.  Sub-menus look the same, however I am unsure if the font is slightly darker or not.  I still love the breadcrumb-type navigation that I am sure everyone loves to have.

Flipping through the pages, I don’t think that I see anything else has changed.  I do see that background colors for certain promotional items (i.e. “iTunes this week”) has the the darkened gradient color similar to the top menu navigation.  In keeping the feel more uniform, I think they could have gone and darkened the gradient on the sub-menu nav bars as well.

Overall, I think it’s a great work!

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