Twitter Updates for 2010-12-29

29 Dec Twitter Updates for 2010-12-29

  • Washington state ranks #13 in Yahoo!'s "Where the Richest Americans Live" #
  • @andysowards hey sweet design setup you got there 🙂 #
  • @caspergrl Thanks! I'm always tossing the towel on it… I love it when I design it, then I hate it after it goes live LOL #
  • @mashable No point on reviewing the phones without the service… LOL #
  • @teracarissa You're right! When we realize God is everywhere, there is a stronger need to praise him in secret, church, and market place #
  • @KevinUrie Haha yeah man you bet. Maybe you can use ChangeIt for your marketing and KUrie for your personal #
  • @WhiteRose_is AWWWW #
  • @KevinUrie Oh ok, so are you going to switch to KU instead and use that for your marketing? #
  • @WhiteRose_is Good morning, how are you?? #
  • @bkmacdaddy YW! How are you? #
  • @tacanderson hey be thankful you guys have a lot there. Slim pickings here… #
  • @KevinUrie that's true but u could be like a chris spooner or chris coyier #
  • @WhiteRose_is doing ok so far, can't complain 😉 #
  • @caspergrl I know! It stinks 🙂 #
  • @WhiteRose_is thank you! Today is a beautiful day! God bless! #
  • @racheladdison where is home #
  • @racheladdison oh ok 🙂 #

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