Twitter Updates for 2011-01-18

18 Jan Twitter Updates for 2011-01-18

  • Check this #cssgallery out via @sohtanaka: Design Bombs #
  • @NuNellahTV Nellah what's going on girl? #
  • @NuNellahTV yeah… we must pray for them and pray against spiritual and physical bondages. Don't let those demons have words. Shut them up #
  • @cspenn Can you elaborate on that comment? What are they standing in that hinders them from biz growth? #
  • @cspenn Ahh.. yeah not fond of CC mins, I think that's whack. Sorry bro 🙁 #
  • RT @damondugger @MyNameIsBizzle Got you bro! Its about u becoming more like Jesus. Luke 6:27-36 | 1 Cor. 13 | 1 John 4:7-21 | Col. 3:1-17 #
  • @MellDaMessenger I agree man, we r head of households, we should provide spiritual/physical covering for our fam, incl wives! @emabling 😀 #
  • @MellDaMessenger which song was it?? #
  • @MellDaMessenger Hey man, you need some bboys for a vid? :):):) #
  • @MichelleKat3 Girl I am working on that one … conviction by the Holy Spirit #
  • Rock on! RT @Chriscarroll50 @christie_brooks @tonynolanlive: The Giant that mocks u is about to become a headless trophy of Gods power! #
  • @MellDaMessenger Awesome! I'll have to go back home and listen to it again #
  • OOH I love this site! Amazee Labs #webdesign #
  • @Chriscarroll50 :):) #
  • @jeremiahbonds hey when are you going to release a new album? #
  • doing it now! RT @BuckBarnabas @twinkyahu: download SA Mixtapes Mixtape of Month: Buck Barnabas – Who Is Buck Barnabas The Mixtape #
  • BUMMER RT @Starbucks: Yes it is true – the Trenta is coming later this year. We're only offering Iced Coffee/Iced Tea in this larger size. #
  • Just read an article abt parents of Mexican teenager suing US because their kid was pelting agents with rocks and they shot him. Thoughts? #

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