Twitter Updates for 2011-01-26

26 Jan Twitter Updates for 2011-01-26

  • @KevinUrie Good one, Kevin. Maybe when our grand kids start saying "What's a Tweet?" #
  • @vpieters LOL how funny!!! Well I won't send emails to you haha #
  • @KevinUrie Yeah it's scary… Not even trying to think of it! How are you? How's your wife? #
  • Jason thanks for this! RT @JasonFalls: Learning about Helps take disabled vets on outdoor recreation trips. AWESOME! #
  • @DiscoveryHouse 🙂 yw #
  • @KevinUrie @NordySanda Thanks Kevin! Sanda, Kevin is the prez of #SMCSeattle 🙂 #
  • @_PLAYDOUGH BOOO now I won't see it 😛 haha #
  • New Site Alert: #mensfashion #
  • @callumchapman Hey bro, I'm pretty new at Dribbble… wanted to know if I have to be a player in order to make a comment? #
  • @callumchapman Yeah I can "like" but for some reason, I can't comment. Wasn't sure if that's because I'm a spectator –> BOO LOL #
  • PLZ Pray 4 this person: Abuse counselor trying 2 stop violence gets beaten in daylight Pray 4 $$ 4 bills, recovery #
  • @_PLAYDOUGH LOL no worries… I'll forget about that in a few years, when my son is old enough to watch it LOL #
  • RT @KevinUrie @geekgiant If ur going 2 #SMCSea today, bring cash. AMAZING list of raffle prizes to support @jolkona: #
  • Now THIS is tight RT @creativelydone: Showcase of Beautiful (or Creative) E-Commerce Websites – Smashing Magazine #
  • @MYNISTA Amen dude… #
  • Wow low blow? RT @silvakreuz: New strategy 2 turn PC users = Mac users? 'Frisco Strip Clubs 2 Offer Macworld Discounts #
  • DONE! RT @JasonFalls: My man @chrisbaggott is prepping an interesting webinar u should consider – Merging Search & Social - #
  • Sinner to the saint / it is what it is / it ain't what it ain't ~ @_Playdough Bible Bus #
  • @jeffblankenburg Does it have to be a problem to share? #
  • @NordySanda @smashboxartists awesome!!! LUCKY! #
  • @jeffblankenburg maybe it's a personal preference or ease/comfort for others to not have to do multiple accounts. #
  • @jeffblankenburg I don't share so I can only think from 3rd person. That's like saying "what's the bennies for sharing bank accounts?" #
  • @jeffblankenburg but principle is similar. Acct = represent something, whether joint or not. A FB acct is no diff, whether single or joint #
  • @jeffblankenburg It's in the best interest of that person to do what they wish with their acct, not someone to delegate from outside #
  • @jeffblankenburg And there you go, you are most def entitled to your opinion #
  • @sarahEmagee does it have to be Dallas or can it be remote? What type of project? #
  • GREAT!! RT @crttanaka: 85% of Inc. 500 co using Facebook say their efforts r proving successful (via @marketingprofs) #
  • @sarahEmagee Cool, would love to get in on the project… Let me know #
  • @paradoxhiphop Thanks fam! I couldn't DM you cuz you don't follow 🙁 #
  • @teakettica haha nice 🙂 #
  • @NordyBreanne Hey there, thanks for the follow! So do you work with @NordySanda? #
  • @teakettica oooh, I would love to hear the sounds of water right now… Oh wait, that's going to happen soon #goingtoraintonight #
  • Drinking Dew: Awesome. Powerbook G4 crashing: not so much… #
  • @teakettica Nice! I'll have to put that on my personal 🙂 #

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