Twitter Updates for 2011-01-29

29 Jan Twitter Updates for 2011-01-29

  • Show sum #FF love to @nordstrom @nordysanda @nordybreanne @rundaisybna @c28dotcom @brandirahill @nordstromdoug @shopittome @expresslisag #
  • @teakettica OOOH you so have to tell me how it is 🙂 #
  • @teakettica That may be true… But since I'm late on the iPad game, I may not even get it until the 3rd gen #
  • Great post! RT @jaybaer: Damn he's good. @webby2001 with a perfect post about the social media "understanding gap" #
  • @NordySanda Girl you're welcome! #
  • I'm sooo digging Viktory's Believe It Now. Love this sound. Find it at #
  • TY! RT @Didymus1: Hey, if you ain't #FF @zioneyemedia u need 2 ASAP! Real good dude! Y'all kno I dnt jus co-sign any1, but he is def worthy! #
  • TY B! RT @shinytoygun #FF @thegroomsays @LAchild @rdqlus_creative @sarahmahaira @kphildub @candacerose @AndrewAndrew @zingersb @krishaleanne #
  • @chuck hey man that's not bad! is that you rappin? (tho I hear a bit too much reverb, not sure if that's my speakers/headphones) #
  • @Tullys_Coffee How much to ship some awesome coffee to Nashville?? #
  • @Tullys_Coffee 🙁 Hey the url says /BadCookie.aspx :(:( even though I have cookies enabled. #
  • @chuck Gotcha, hey that's not bad tho. When you have that new project up and running, give me a shout! #
  • My love for @Tullys_Coffee #
  • Saw a billboard ad for new site, so checked it out. It's way better than the crap they had b4. Better design/usability #justsayin #
  • = #
  • @Mrs_Didymus1 Thanks for the follow, Mrs_Didymus1. Your hubby's got skillz 🙂 Much love #
  • @Didymus1 Yes, even in the midst of our own droughts, God's resources are never lacking! #
  • @Didymus1 Hey man let me know about the acct. I need to sync your Feedburner acct & Google Analytics w ur site so need the info from ya 🙂 #
  • I wish my yahoo account would just not be filled with spam. Why even have this account??? #
  • Seattle Tops Top 10 Cities w the Worst Commutes #

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