Twitter Updates for 2011-02-10

10 Feb Twitter Updates for 2011-02-10

  • @DjAslan Haha now that's awesome 🙂 How are you? #
  • @DjAslan Not bad right now, tho headache is hurting LOL How's the music? #
  • @DjAslan Ooh a dance mix… now you're talking my language 🙂 Break? Techno? House? #
  • Wake Forest Coach donates kidney to player Now this is giving life to your friends… even those you barely know #
  • @DjAslan oh man, you gotta let me listen to it when it's done… JONESING #
  • @DjAslan YEAH!!!!!!!!!! #
  • @DjAslan Hey man, wanted to know what your thoughts on Numark's DJ battle pack #
  • @DjAslan yeah was just wondering… I used to have Technics but I know I can't afford that now, so looking for a cheaper version 🙂 #
  • I love the snow except I hate the drivers driving in it LOL #
  • @racheladdison I left at 4:30 and STILL haven't seen the freeway #
  • It's official: it took 4.5 stinking hours to get home from work… JUST FABULOUS #
  • @NordyBreanne it snowed so lots of traffic and accidents #
  • @NordyBreanne when I lived in Seattle I remember living it up in snoqualmie and whistler #
  • @NordySanda well yeah my son loved it!! #

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