Twitter Updates for 2011-02-25

25 Feb Twitter Updates for 2011-02-25

  • RT @braillehiphop: Announcing newest additions 2 #HumbleBeast fam in t-minus 1 hour. New vid & free downloaded of the single, stay tuned. #
  • Toyota recalls 2.17 million vehicles over gas pedal issues #
  • RT @realmatrix: #Google releases #Cloud #Connect for Microsoft Office – #technology #collaboration #
  • Duplicate content is sometimes not a penalty just a filter (not sending u 2 hell but not letting u into heaven) via @fantomaster @sammurray #
  • Very nice! RT @yaili: Redesigned/aligned — still lovely. #
  • Why did the #Celtics trade Perkins for Green??? #dunnoboutthis #
  • @chuck Yeah I understand injury prone, but is #nenadkrstic better? #
  • SERIOUSLY? Lame.. RT @Mediabistro: Justin Bieber Cuts Hair, Loses 80,000 Twitter Followers (via @alltwtr) #
  • @chuck LOL Jermaine O'Neal is injury prone, you don't see them trading him LOL But yes I know Nenad is a better shooter. #
  • Haha yeah… OOOOOH YYYYEAH RT @AndruEdwards: This site has me cracking up at its ridiculousity #
  • That's the best thing you said all day man 🙂 RT @chuck: @zioneyemedia haha..nobody wants JO #STICKAFORKINHIM #
  • @chuck What do you think about the 'Melo trade? Championship next year? or just another "contender" #
  • LMAO!! RT @chuck: @zioneyemedia: @chuck What do you think about the 'Melo trade? defense wins championships. NYK = New Phoenix Suns #
  • @chuck that was funny! #
  • @WhiteRose_is We need it as Christians… can't live a post-Pentecostal life and be great witnesses when we always feel like drowning 🙁 #
  • @chuck yeah but I don't foresee them being a difference in the Finals… they still have to pass Boston #

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