Twitter Updates for 2011-05-13

13 May Twitter Updates for 2011-05-13

  • @MotionAudio7 awesome man!! Keep in touch and let me know how those things are coming along #
  • @brandirahill lol hope ur having a great time 🙂 #
  • It's awesome that Facebook got called out on its PR fiasco to post negative comments on Google. This is a #FAIL to the 9s! #
  • @Monaghan working at OHL in Brentwood #
  • @JeremiahBonds we talking about Nas? #
  • @AlohaArleen iPad!!! #
  • Who knew that #BostonCeltics were going to lose to #MiamiHeat ? Rajon would have handled them if it wasn't for his bum arm #
  • @tonibirdsong how is ur hubby feeling?? #
  • @AlohaArleen thanks Arleen!!! #
  • @tonibirdsong saw him for a few on IM 🙁 praying for u guys! #
  • @tonibirdsong You're welcome. You guys are important!!! #
  • @JeremiahBonds LOL ok 🙂 #
  • @AlohaArleen LOL haha thanks Arleen! I'll let you know about that dance floor :P:P #
  • @Kenji_O mine has been pretty slow… #
  • @AlohaArleen Hmm… Is this for your FB page or Twitter page? #
  • @Kenji_O @jamesmann23 @KIRO7Seattle Mine just took too long, but may have to restart again 🙁 #
  • @AlohaArleen You may want to have to reauthenticate Twitter onto FB again (had to do that with Tweetdeck too) #
  • @tonibirdsong Awesome! Would love that 🙂 Fam is good, getting over sickness… #
  • @AlohaArleen Gotcha… but when it does integrate, do you usually have issues? Sometimes, u need to reauthenticate every so often #
  • @AlohaArleen Yeah… or as IT would say, log out and restart and see if that fixes the issue 🙂 #
  • @MichelleSarabia You got it!!! #
  • @MichelleSarabia Praying for Spirit-filled and Spirit-led words to speak life, love, grace, and compassion t… (cont) #
  • RT @bkmacdaddy: 5 Bad Blogger Habits You Need to Break #
  • @datahowler I'm not fat, but I will take #InNOut burgers any day! #

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