Ever since I came back from my conference, I have had no time to play and lots of time to really reflect on my freelance business.  One of the things that I knew I had to do was to re-establish my site and re-create everything from the ground up.  For one thing, I had to re-evaluate the CSS to ensure that what I have created is going to be compatible, accessible, and be fully supported by the W3C.  Second, I had to revamp the look and design to make it more “professional” but still be creative enough to appeal – doing it all on my own terms.  These two alone is enough to get really busy, and trust me it was a big investment on my part to overhaul everything.

Why do it?  Because I knew creatively and professionally that it needed to be done.  Just like any creative person, I am my own worst critic and my own worst client.  There doesn’t seem to be enough leverage to really assess the value of one design over another, of one initiative over another, simply because the reasonings and push behind one doesn’t necessarily match the long-term mentality behind the push.  So, when creativity gets sidelined, things fall apart and I get sick of the current styles to focus on new ones.

All this to say, that I I feel confident on the creation that I made for my own business.  I feel that it is much cleaner and sharper than what I previously had, while not sacrificing too much on the design flow.  Thankfully, I can still be able to add certain design creativity without being TOO avant garde, and still be presentable professionally.

Let me know what you think!  Post your comments and let me know what you want/don’t want to see on my site, and… I’ll think about it 🙂

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